Criminal law

When you are brought before a criminal court, you are unfortunately often "presumed guilty" that is what journalists will say daily in the media ,alleged, suspected "the thief" etc.). Then that human rights, constitutions and penal laws are meant to guarantee the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence.

In an attempt to reverse this seriously flawed application of the law, the role of the lawyer is so important in the first criminal prosecution (such as placement in custody, maintenance of first appearance before the investigating judge.

The counsel is also required to prepare for the trial hearing. Stand alone in this type of hearing this, indeed, many risks and consequences can not easily recoverable.

The firm will advise you to assemble the parts and hardware that can play in your favor and to prepare for this hearing in the best conditions possible and feasible.

If you have been a measure of detention and that you are ultimately found innocent, the firm will assist you in order to initiate repair.