Civil law

The Family Law

The family law and the law were recently reformed.
The law firm is involved in the litigation of divorce, nullity of marriage, parental authority and filiationís courts specialized family law.
The law firm can also assist in the guardianship disputes, and trusteeships.

Civil liability

When you are an injured civil liability of his (its) author (s), the firm will assist you to consider appropriate follow to book in your best interest (claims for compensation for damages and in settlement of claims by amicable or contentious ways before courts).

Media and press

The law firm appears before the special courts of the press (in civil or criminal) in the litigation of defamation, insult and the right of reply (in print, broadcast or Internet).

The protection of privacy and image rights

The law firm involved in litigation for the protection of privacy and image rights. In addition, the firm can provide useful guidance in your relationships with the media to try to prevent breaches of respect for your privacy and your image.