Business law

The right of companies

The firm is developing and drafting acts of creation of companies (commercial companies and traders in their own name), as such statutes, the appointments of (the) (co-) manager (s), the Legal advertisements, registration with the tax office, the deposit in the commercial register, the prior authorization required for certain regulated activities ...

In addition, the firm can advise you and assist you throughout the life of your business, it may, as such, hold general meetings and prepare minutes, prepare management reports, prepare and formalize the assignment of shares, the retraie associates, the resignation of the manager.

Commercial contracts

The firm is analyzing or drafting commercial contracts such as contacts including selling, general conditions, special sales, lease, distribution contracts, the contracts have service agreements sub-contracting, licensing and assignment of intellectual property rights, the contract on the know-how, contracts of new technologies, etc..

Commercial leases and goodwill

The firm acts for the development and conclusion of commercial leases and lease professionals.

You can also seek assistance from the office including lease renewals, rent setting, transfer operations (of the business and / or lease rights) and subletting, termination, negotiation or litigation compensation for eviction.

The collection of trade receivables

In order not to jeopardize their sustainability, private sector companies and public bodies must always ensure the fast and effective recovery of their debts.

To this end, the firm provides services for the recovery of your court or judicial claims in Algeria and abroad. The firm will consider the conditions under which the dispute between you and a foreign company may be related to the jurisdiction of a court Algeria.

The firm will establish procedures for enforcement of judgments and possibly collateral and guarantees payment directly related to the bailiffs who work regularly with him.

It is frequently found that a legal notice in the form of a letter with acknowledgment of receipt, established in accordance with the ethical rules of the Bar, is a first step inexpensive and effective. By way of contract, the notice is also prerequisite for any prosecution. In addition the letter of formal notice prepared by the firm will run the legal interests.

Criminal law cases

The law firm involved in the defense business leaders and their associates in the criminal courts.